I wonder…

8 08 2011

I love looking at old pictures. I always wonder what convesations were going on when the pictures were taken and what the people in the picture were thinking. Do you ever wonder the same thing? What kind of conversations were going on when these pictures were snapped?



Spring Break is just around the corner…

2 02 2011

As I sit here in my office on this frigid Groundhog Day, I am hoping that Punxsutawney Phil was right when he predicted we would have a early spring! We are gearing up for a fun filled week at Camp Rio Blanco during Spring Break! This event will be a great opportunity for girls to enjoy a full week or even a half week at camp. We have a limited number of spots available, register today so you don’t miss out on a week of fun at CRB!

Gearing up for GO! Programs

25 08 2010

It is that time of year! Check out our awesome GO! Programs!
What are GO! Programs?
GO! stands for “Go Outdoors”. GO! is coming straight from your local Outdoor Education Department.
Get on board and GO! with Girl Scouts.

Check out the tab at the top of your page to find out more infomation about GO! Programs.

A look back.

14 07 2010

Here is a look back at Camp Rio Blanco. We are not sure who most of these people are or even what dates they are from. There were boxes of slides that we scanned in so we could look at some of the history of our great camp.

If you happen to know anyone in these pictures or dates please let us know.

I hope you enjoy!

Check in Day at the Lodge. (year unknown)



Staff singing during a talent show? (year unknown)



Staff at the gate (year unknown)



Cool! New camp t-shirts! (year unknown)


Pottery with “Bucky” the Camp Director. (year unknown)



Synchronized swimming. (year unknown)



 Setting the table for a meal. (year unknown)


Favorite part of the day! Swimming! (1979)



Dancing outside the Lodge (known as Old Lodge currently)


Rafting in Big Sandy. (year unknown)



A meal must be ready! (year unknown)


Day is done, gone the sun… (year unknown)


Thanks Johnny Appleseed…

8 07 2010

Someone sang the Johnny Apple Seed grace and this is what we got!

Who says West Texas is dry??

White River actually runs through our camp.

The road right in front of camp.

Camping in primative might be a little soggy…

Like a bridge over trouble water…

Turkey Trail

This is the beginning of Turkey Trail. Can you see the top of the trail marker?

Hang on little guy!

Thanks again Tools for these great pictures!

Summer months at CRB

1 07 2010

While we may not be spending our summer months at CRB, the wildlife are still out and about. Here are a few pictures to enjoy!

Have a safe 4th of July weekend.

Thank you Tools for the awesome pictures!

Camp People

2 04 2010

I can’t grow up. I just can’t do it yet.

I enjoy all camp activities around the pool, crafts, kickball and eating in the dining hall.

I enjoy singing around campfires, and being hugged every hour of every day, and hearing the kitchen assistants singing while washing the dishes, and I enjoy being absolutely ridiculous purely for the sake of itself.

At times when you and your campers dress up in all sorts of things to go to the all camp activities and everyone just laughs and takes pictures.

There are few places in the world where one can do things like that and not be considered strange and abnormal.

People who never went to summer camp simply cannot appreciate how grand it really is.

There are some people for whom camp become a disease…it gets into their blood, seeps into their cells and refuses to leave.

Those people get misty-eyed when they smell campfire smoke.

They have to resist the urge to sing whenever someone says anything that relates to a song.

They take a certain pride in being hoarse, and in not having showered for four days.

Mustard, BBQ on a bun and bleach stains on t-shirts are considered battle scars, instead of grime.

They know that putting your elbows on the table is one of the seven deadly sins, right up there with coming to the dining hall in your bathing suit.

They get nostalgic pangs in the belly when they smell burnt toast and bacon early in the morning.

They are comforted by the sound of someone turning over on a noisy rubber mattress on the upper bunk.

They know that candle kisses are great for starting a campfire.

They wake most peacefully to the sound of an iron bell clanging from across the field.

They are no ashamed to admit that they own more than one Girl Scout CD and want more.

They hear barn swallows screaming on the porch of Bridwell and immediately have the urge to knock down their nests, even if they do eat mosquitoes.

Camp people love construction paper and puff paint.

Camp people can eat anything with a random kitchen utensil and their thumbs taped to their palms.

Camp people get  hungry, not for steak, but for grilled cheese cooked over a propane stove.

In the winter, they dream not of a sunny beach and the scent of coconut oil, but of chilly July mornings with the turkeys running around outside your unit.

Camp people have back-up plans for rainy days, even though it never rains.

Camp people automatically relax when they hear the sound of campers singing in the distance.

Camp people know that stargazing is properly done in silence, but surrounded with a group of friends at the rock formations or observation deck.

Camp people usually can’t remember what they’re laughing about anymore by the time they finally stop.

Camp people never feel quite at home without a million things with their camp name on them.

Camp people know that life is just easier when you shout, “YES!!! I made a mistake!”

Camp people know the contentment of everyone around wearing the same t-shirt.

Camp people know that joy lurks in anonymous warm fuzzy notes and hides in the homesick camper that’s finally laughing during a game.

Camp people know that when you look your worst, you’ve done your best! 

Can you think of any more to add?